ginkotoothed replied to your post: I’ve used up the rest of my sculpey. J…

A toothy burd… burdy burd…


…sorry, I had nothing.

Sorry folks- just got back from a mini vacation so things have been quiet here. Should have some doodles tomorrow. 

hello! I just wanted to pop by to tell you that I really really love your art, and in particular your pencil sketches like that one you posted recently of the squatting figure. Everything you make is astonishingly good, though, don't get me wrong. In your sketches I admire your confident lines and lightness of touch. Your art reminds me that I should draw more. Please keep at it :))

Oh, stahppit! I’m failing at thinking up words today, so I’ll leave it at a very sincere: I really appreciate it! Seriously. Glad I somehow manage to inspire people to draw and do cool things!